Our Unique Approach

What do we deliver at the end of the day?

We consider the marriage of the bride and groom as a sacred and important factor, and we see it as a central theme and focus throughout the wedding planning process.

Yes, we will customize your wedding day to reflect your uniqueness.
Yes, we will help alleviate stress that often comes with wedding planning.
Yes, we will execute your wedding day with distinction and professionalism.

...That’s what wedding planners are supposed to do!

But at the end of it all, our goal is not just to have you experience a magical wedding, but our hope for you and your future spouse is to walk into the next chapter of your relationship with a deeper understanding of yourselves and a fuller expectation of marriage. We want to help you plan your wedding in context to your marriage. That means we not only walk with you through the process making sure we consider how your wedding will best serve as a foundation for your marriage, but we also love to provide helpful marriage resources along the way that will serve you long after the wedding is done. Yes, we are more than just a wedding planner, we go beyond the “I Do.”

Why is that important to you?

Your wedding day is the first major milestone of your marriage.  The journey to the altar can shape the direction of the beginning stages of your marriage. Even the wedding planning process can set the tone of how you spend the first few months as Mr. and Mrs. These days the emphasis is too often focused on just the wedding day and not the marriage. Wedding planning is often stressful, challenging, and exhausting. It is most worthwhile if the couple is also preparing for their marriage. Your “happily ever after” won’t happen by chance - it will be the result of focused and intentional beginnings coupled with continued concerted efforts throughout your journey together. It may begin at saying “yes” at your engagement, but a lifetime together goes beyond the “I Do.”

I love meeting with both the Bride and the Groom.
It would be an honor and a privilege to share with you why I think our unique approach goes beyond the I "do".

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